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SW30+ Pictures
Rx Input BP Filter
Construction on this SW30+ began with the components for the coupled resonator receive band pass filter. Those are shown in this image. This is the upper left area of the PC board substrate.

As with most builds, the receiver will occupy one area of the substrate, the transmitter a second area, and common sections like power supplies and VFO a third area.

IC socket substrate
Before the NE602 mixer stage could be built, a small substrate for the IC socket was fabricated. One was used for each IC.
Rx mixer stage
The 8-pin IC socket was soldered to its substrate, that assembly glued to the main substrate, and the remaining components added.
VFO stage
Below the mixer, the VFO components were added. This section is common to the receiver and transmitter, so is located between those two functional strips.
Power supply stage
Adjacent and to the left of the VFO the beginnings of the power supply section was constructed. 8-volts was now available to operate the completed VFO and mixer stages.
Rx crystal filter and product detector
The 4-pole crystal filter was added next, followed by some of the product detector components. The substrate then looked as shown in this image.
Rx audio preamp stage
The remaining product detector components were next added and some of the parts for the audio preamplifier IC. The preamplifier frequency shaping and limiting components are connected between the long, parallel pads in the foreground.

Rx mute components
Components for the receive mute were then placed, followed by the remaining components for the 2nd preamplifier stage. Those components are not show in this image.
Transmit mixer with LO
With the basic receive strip done, the transmit mixer stage was added.
Rx/Tx Switch
To power the transmit mixer stage, the T/R keying components were added. This stage supplies power to all of the transmit strip stages except the final amplifier.

The large yellow disc object in the left center area of this image is a solid state fuse.

1st transmit filter and RF amplifier
Following the transmit mixer is another double tuned bandpass filter, almost identical to the receive input bandpass filter. This filter drives the first of two RF amplifier stages.
2nd transmit RF amplifier
This is the second of the two RF amplifiers. The secondary of the transformer in the upper right of this image drives the final amplifier stage.
Final amplifier stage
Looking from the opposite direction we see the final amplifier transistor, a 2SC799 with heatsink, and the output filter components. A heatsink has been added to the 2nd RF amplifier transistor to keep it cool also.
Completed SW30+ substrate
This is the almost completed substrate. The coax connector was unsoldered and the excess substrate material was removed prior to packaging the rig.
RIT module
RIT module used in the rig.
IslanderAmp module
"Islander Amplifier" module used in the rig.
Packaged rig from rear
Completed SW30+ in case showing RIT and "Islander Amplifier" module locations.

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