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SW30+ 30 Meter CW Transceiver

SW30+ Transceiver Summary - This 30 meter CW transceiver was built as part of an internet Manhattan-style construction course conceived and taught by my friend Chuck Adams, K7FO back a few years ago. The basic rig is a Small Wonders Lab SW30 (Dave Benson, K1SWL design)  with some enhancements, most notably, a coupled resonator filter in the receiver front-end, a 4-pole crystal filter (original design had 3-poles), and an audio amplifier suitable for driving a speaker. The audio amplifier found fame later as the "K8IQY Islander Amp" kit sold by the NJ QRP club.

This rig uses PC board material for front and rear panels, as well as the substrate upon which the rig is built. The case top and bottom pieces were bent from 0.040 aluminum sheet. Front panel controls include off-on/volume, tuning, and RIT. The audio output jack is also on the front panel.

Frequency readout was to be a SWL frequency mite, but at the time this rig was constructed, that readout was not available. It is now and will be added at some time in the future.

Schematics - a complete "road map" for the project
Pictures - details that show how this rig was constructed

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