K8IQY's "Manhattan
Madness" Project Page
(And Other Interesting Stuff)

This web site is a repository for information developed during the design, construction, and testing of ham radio oriented projects.  Some are complete rigs, others are pieces of test equipment or test methods that are useful, and occasionally there will be a tid bit of information that stands by itself.

These pages are structured with some main categories to make finding information easier. I'm not a web design expert, nor wish to be one, so if something looks a bit clunky, that's why. My goal is to put the information I develop into a public venue so that it may be used by others interested in the design and fabrication of electronic equipment for personal use.

All information is copyrighted by the author and cannot be redistributed in any form without express, written consent. What that means is K8IQY owns the information and you cannot use it, especially in a commercial venture, without his permission.

Enjoy this web site and come back often.

Jim Kortge, K8IQY  [ "jim.k8iqy"at"gmail "dot"com ]
PO Box 108
Fenton, MI 48430-0108

QRP Rigs  (Hardware Defined Radios) - has information on completed and "under development" ham radio qrp rigs that I've designed and/or built. (More 2N240+ Information Added 11/08/2013)
Test Equipment - has information on test equipment built using Manhattan-style construction. (RC Audio Oscillator added 10/30/2008)
Test Methods - has information on various measurement techniques that are useful. (Under construction.)
Construction Methods - has information on Manhattan-style construction methods and links to other Manhattan-style builders. 
Miscellaneous - has everything else that won't fit into one of the other categories.  (MagicBox T/R Switching System information added here - 06/09/2010)

Yahoo Groups Archive added here - 10/31/2019