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4017 - A 40 Meter to 17 Meter, Discrete Component CW Transverter Built Manhattan-style

Designed by: Jim Kortge, K8IQY

This article covers the design and constructionof a CW transverter for 17 meters. It uses a 40-meter transceiver as the source for basic receive and transmit functions. As configured, it will output 3 -watts of r.f. when driven with 2-watts. More output power is available with higher drive. Solid state T/R switching is incorporated for transmit and receive,so no external T/R switching is needed.

Two versions of the receive converter were designed and built.The first, which uses an active
NE602 mixer,is easier to build,but is more susceptible to overload by very strong signals. The second version uses a commercial diode double balanced mixer (MiniCircuits LMX-113) that provides much better strong signal performance,but is a bit more complicated to build.

The transmit strip uses another LMX-113 DBM, along with a transistor line-up comprised of  a PN2222A, 2N5109, and a 2SC1945 final. Two additional PN2222As and a PN2907A device are employed for local oscillator and  r.f. detector/switch functions.

Multiple“on-air”contacts have confirmed the unit functions quite well,and is an inexpensive way to provide 17-meter coverage for those who don’t have this capability.

Article - the complete write-up of the design

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