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Original 2N2/40 Schematic Diagrams

The "front-end" of the receiver showing the input filtering, r.f. amplifier, Rx double balanced mixer, and varactor tuned VFO.

This is the remainder of the receiver, including the post mixer amplifier, variable crystal filter, i.f. amplifier, product detector, local oscillator, receiver muting, and audio amplifier.

The transmit section, showing the local oscillator, Tx single balanced mixer, transmit r.f.amplifier, driver, final amplifier, and output lowpass filter.  The final uses 3 parallel connected 2N2222As in metal cans.  Good heatsinks are required.

Additional small, but important, pieces of the transceiver design, which include the Rx/Tx driver, the receive T/R switch, power input circuitry, and the receive r.f. amplifier gain switch.
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