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Pictures of K8IQY's second 2N2/40

This is the rig installed in a TenTec TP-47 aluminum case.  The On-Off switch is part of the volume control potentiometer and the r.f. gain switch is part of the r.f. gain control.  That knob pulls out to change the gain by +10 dB.  The 10-turn dial tuning assembly  is about 2 inches in diameter
A rear panel shot showing the keying jack, antenna connector, fuse holder, and the power jack
Looking under the hood from the front!
Looking from the right side.  In the foreground to the right is the keying circuitry and to the left of that begins the receiver.  You can see the combined pot and switch of the r.f. gain control at the very left mounted to the front panel.  Beneath it is the pot for the variable bandwidth crystal filter.
This is a view of the back of the front panel.  Between the 10-turn tuning pot and the volume control at the very right, is the RIT assembly mounted to its potentiometer.  The speaker jack is the square black object at the lower right, under the volume control.
Looking from the left side of the rig.  Starting from the right side near the front panel you can see the toroid for the product detector.  The next circuitry is the audio muting, and the remainder as you move left is the audio amplifier.  The red object to the very left is the audio output transformer.
A closeup shot of the output transistors and low pass filter.  To the left is the VFO circuitry.
One last overall picture looking down into the rig from overhead.  You can still see some of the black felt tip pen lines that were used to partition the substrate before building began.  Most of those lines are covered by the power and signal wiring.  The TP-47 case readily accomodates the 5X7 inch substrate size used.
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